My current research interests include mutual fund performance and organization, investments and financial networks. Below is a list of all my publications, working papers and ongoing projects.

You can also visit my Google Scholar page, my SSRN author page or Research Gate page with links to articles and citations.


  1. The power of “negative beta”: why every portfolio should include private equity, 2017, Journal of Financial Transformation, 45, 101-110.
    Co-author: Andrew Freeman, University of Cambridge
    Co-author: D. Sykes Wilford, The Citadel
  2. Measuring direct teaching costs: does an undergraduate business degree cost more to produce than a non-business degree?, 2016, Journal of Education for Business, 91(8), 405-411
    Co-author: Michael Barth, The Citadel
  3. Limits to mutual funds’ ability to rely on mean/variance optimization, 2016, Journal of Empirical Finance, 37, 282-292.
    Co-author: Nadia Vozlyublennaia, Securities and Exchange Commission
  4. Modeling fund and portfolio risk: a bi-modal approach to analyzing risk in turbulent Markets, 2015. Review of Financial Economics, 25(1), 19-26.
    Co-author: D. Sykes Wilford, The Citadel
  5. Understanding weighted average cost of capital: A pedagogical application, 2014, Journal of Financial Education, 40 (1/2), 115-136
    Co-author: Carl E. Betterton, The Citadel
    Co-author: Sam Berry, The Citadel
  6. The effect of management team characteristics on risk-taking and style extremity of mutual fund portfolios, 2012, Review of Financial Economics, 21 (3), 153-158
  7. Management team structure and mutual fund performance, 2010, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money 20 (2), 197-211

Working Papers:

  1. The Causes and Consequences of Management Team Turnover in Mutual Funds
  2. Mutual fund performance: Brains or muscle?

Work in Progress:

  1. Attribution analysis and persistence of mutual fund performance
    Co-author: Ranadeb Chaudhuri – Oakland University
  2. The organization of the equity mutual fund industry and its impact on investor performance
    Co-author: G. Geoffrey Booth – Michigan State University
  3. The demographic trap: 21st century economic modeling fallacies
    Co-author: D. Sykes Wilford, The Citadel
    Co-author: Jean-Francois Regnard, The KEDGE Business School