Financial Modeling Books

[1] Financial Modeling, 3rd edition, Simon Benninga, MIT Press (link)

[2] Principles of Finance with Excel, Simon Benninga, OUP (link)

[3] Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel 2007, Timothy R. Mayes and Todd M. Shank, South-western (link)

[4] Financial Modeling with Crystal Ball and Excel, John Charnes, Wiley Finance (link)

[5] Building Financial Models, John S. Tjia, McGraw-Hill (link)

[6] Structured Financial Modeling with Object-Oriented VBA, Evan Tick, Wiley Finance (link)

[7] Credit Risk Modeling with Excel and VBA, Gunter Loeffler and Peter N. Posch, Wiley Finance (link)

[8] Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs, Issac Gottlieb, Wiley Finance (link)

[9] Building Financial Models with Microsoft Excel, K. Scott Proctor, Wiley Finance (link)